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Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

A typical strapless dress may not do complete justice to your body, if you are a bit heavily built on the upper side. Elegant wedding dresses with sleeves can not only accentuate your figure but also protect your modesty. Read on to know more

What image does the word 'bridal gown' conjure in your mind? I am sure you would say something like "a pristine white strapless wedding dress, with a never ending train". However, if I were to ask you the same question a few decades ago, you would have invariably added 'puffy sleeves' to the above description. Strapless or thin spaghetti strap wedding dresses are a recent evolution. Nonetheless, they have become a huge hit amongst the brides, so much so, that now it is almost impossible to imagine what wedding dresses with sleeves would be like! However, sleeves were very much a part of wedding dresses until a few years ago. More on wedding gowns with sleeves.

Why to Go for Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

There are various reasons why you might want to go for wedding dresses with sleeves. Firstly, you may not think it wise to go for a strapless dress, if you have particularly large arms. Strapless dresses are sure a pretty thing, but they are best suited for proportionately built brides. Secondly, if you belong to a conservative church, you might be required to look like a demure bride. Thus, sleeved wedding dress can be your best bet. Lastly, you may be an older bride, who may not find it comfortable to expose your shoulders in front of your children among other guests. No matter what reason you have for opting wedding dresses with sleeves, they can definitely make you look beautiful and most importantly comfortable on your wedding day. More on modest wedding dresses.

Choose Your Sleeves

Once you decide to go for sleeved wedding dresses, you will be amazed to know the number of different types of sleeves and patterns available. You can choose any sleeve type depending upon your choice and of course your stature. Given below are some popular sleeve types for wedding dresses. More on plus size wedding dresses with sleeves.

Cap Sleeve: Includes a small cap that just covers your shoulders and top of arms. They are best suited for petite brides, who want to look modest, yet wish to flaunt their great body.

Petal Sleeve: Petal sleeve is a delicate type of sleeve which includes a sleeve that crisscrosses at the top of arm. It is alternatively called as tulip sleeve and is suitable for all arm sizes!

T-shirt Sleeve: Great if you want a bit of cover up and simple design.

Juliet Sleeve: This could be your option if you want to go for a traditional look. It is puffed

at the top and then tapers to fit your arm. It won't suit you if you have particularly broad shoulders. More on vintage style wedding dresses.

Balloon Sleeve: If you want to add a dramatic effect to your dress, then this sleeve style is for you. Balloon sleeve is rounded and puffed on the forearm and then narrows down to the wrist.

Illusion Sleeve

This type of sleeve is for the brides who want to add glamor to their dress, while still maintaining their modesty. The sheer fabric for sleeves reveals just enough to add that much needed hint of glamor to the otherwise simple wedding dress.

Bell Sleeve: Most elegant and feminine of all sleeve types, bell sleeve starts narrow at the shoulder and flares towards the wrist.

You may find it particularly difficult to find lace wedding dresses with sleeves or short wedding dresses with sleeves, if you decide to go vintage. However, you can find the dresses of your choice on several online stores, if you do a bit of research. You may need to alter it to get a custom fit.

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Wedding Dresses With Sleeves